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Cicindela sexguttata

This beauty is the common, but ever intriguing Cicindela sexguttata. This species is found mainly from April to July (1) on dirt trail and fallen logs throughout the eastern US.

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Cicindela albissima

This little gem is the larva of Cicindela albissima, formerly C. limbata albissima – recent research showed that it is a separate species.

And an adult…

I photographed these individuals at Coral Pink Sand Dunes State Park, outside of Kanab, UT. This species is found only in the state park and adjoining BLM lands; with the bulk of the population found within a  300m x 2.7 km protected area of state park.

This year marks the 10th anniversary of the conservation agreement between BLM, USFWS, Utah State Parks and Kane County which established the protected area. Before the agreement, these beetles were facing imminent habitat loss from off-road vehicle traffic, which de-stabilized the dunes and destroyed vegetation.

For more information, see this page. For more images from CPSD, see here